Frequently Asked Questions

  • This site seems very similar to Betacache. Did you just steal their idea?
    I'm actually the original founder of Betacache, but had given it up when the project got too big for me to maintain. I stepped away for a bit but recently decided I wanted to take another go at it. After speaking with Nate who had taken over the site, I decided that I wanted to make a whole new site that avoided some of the pitfalls that Betacache fell into -- specifically, trying to do too many things at once. The goal of this site is to keep it simple. We're a google for climbing beta and that's it. No maps, no complex features, nada. Just climbs and links.
  • Where do these videos come from?
    These videos are pulled from Instagram/Youtube/Vimeo from profiles that commonly post climbing media.
  • My videos are on here but I didn't add them!
    When a new video is added, the profile is identified and checked for additional climbing media. Anyone can add any public video, not just the owner. If you don't want your videos on the site, please check our privacy policy or contact us to have them removed.
  • This video doesn't have any climbs in it! What gives?
    Sometimes videos are found that do not contain any climbs. If there are no climbs, feel free to mark it as such using the "No Climbs" button and that video will be marked for deletion.
  • How does the site figure out what climbs are featured?
    Our site processes the video's caption and attempts to pick out the climbs present. It is often not accurate, so don't feel obligated to pick one of the suggested climbs. You can pick a climb already present in the site or create an entirely new one.
  • What about quality control? How do you keep people from just randomly clicking climbs?
    I can't just stop you from clicking random climbs, but I have built the system to look at the number of responses and their sources when determining the most likely match for a climb. That is why after you validate a video, it may not be immediately viewable on the site. If you register an account, your votes will count for more (mostly because I can easily undo everything you've done quickly). With that said, things will still slip through the cracks so let me know if you notice any errors and I'll fix them asap.
  • What about dead links?
    We've got a system to intermittently check every link on the site to ensure they are still valid. If they are found to be not working, they are flagged for deletion. If you notice a dead link though, please feel free to point it out. We can't check 10000+ links every day, unfortunately.
  • Can you add *insert cool feature*?
    For now, I'm just keeping things simple. I'm open to hearing suggestions, but the goal of this site is to just match climbs with videos. Nothing else. Trying to do too much at once is what made me burn out on Betacache, so I'm trying to stay more narrowly focused this time around.